Top 3 Splurges!

It’s not uncommon in decorating to splurge on certain items and save on others. Just like in fashion, where having a few quality items enhances a wardrobe more than a large quantity of lack-luster pieces. Splurging doesn’t have to be breaking the bank though. It’s buying a few, great quality items, instead of buying a lot of low quality items. Not only do we save ourselves from hoarding, but we save money in the long run by not having to replace things we didn’t need to in the first place!

Here I’m sharing my top 3 splurges:

Bedding: The bedding from those top discounted retailers looks very tempting! It’s packaged wonderfully, the tag shows me that I’m saving a ton of money buying it from them, and knowing that I’m getting it for less convinces me that it can be replaced if “I get bored”. But this is where it all goes downhill! I realized very early that I never actually get “bored” of bedding. Time after time, I purchase similar colors and styles to what I previously had. It was the quality! The bedding didn’t “look” like it did when I bought it. It had flattened out, the color had faded, and there was noticeable wear and tear in just a few months of ownership. Here is where Pure Parima* comes in! I imagine this is what beds will be made of in heaven. These are, by far, some of the best Egyptian cotton sheets I’ve ever owned! (I’ve been around the “bedding” block a few times so I can say this with confidence.)


Area rugs: Area rugs were always tricky for me. Whenever I attempted to go rug shopping on a budget, I was going to compromise either the attractive design or the durability. After many failed purchases, I realized this is another area where a splurge is necessary, especially if a rug is being purchased for a high traffic room. Believe it or not, you really do get what you pay for. Area rugs are a foundation of a room’s aesthetic and with it being a textile, the quality of material really comes in to question. That’s when I discovered the high-quality and durability of wool rugs. They’re not only prized for being strong and cozy, but they’re excellent insulating properties make them popular for all kinds of spaces. Whether you go wool or not, the takeaway here: a high quality and durable rug that has the ability to age beautifully.


Furniture: This is a broad category, so let me be more specific. There are, of course, the accent tables and chairs, cabinets etc., those are not the pieces I’m referring to. Splurging on items like a quality sofa, dining table, media center or console, a mattress or anything that will be used for both form and function for everyday life, should be given some thought to. These are big ticket items that replacing every few years not only becomes costly, but quite unnecessary. Splurging on a quality piece in a classic or timeless style and color will preserve the aesthetic of that piece for years to come.


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